After High School plans

By Julio Verduzco, Talon Staff Reporter

Many students feel they should go to a four-year university. This shows the expectation they want to fulfill. But there are many paths a student can take  in education. Many find great community college programs. That offer same courses four year universities do, but at cheaper rates. But after high school doesn’t necessarily mean you need to go to college. Some people have life plans started before freshman year while others are still at the planning stage a year after high school. It all depends where you want to go and how quickly you want to get there because no one way is the right way. Most of the time every choice means sacrifice and every path leads to more than one destination.

Senior Yonny Garcia, spoke about his plans after high school. “I want to go to either Western Oregon University or Linfield College, ” He said. “I want to study law and plan on taking an introduction to law course, then go to law school. I’m convinced that I’ll be going to either Western or Linfield because they both offer a good law program and it’s not to far from home.” He plans on going to college right away, after high school.

While others plan on to go to universities around the state and others out of state. Senior, Jesse Sanchez wants to stay in the community, close to home. “I would like to take some pre reqs here at CGCC and I would like to go to OHSU after, to study to be a firefighter paramedic. I want to go to OHSU because they have a good paramedic/firefighter program. I chose this path because I like to help the community.” It’s nice to know that a student of HRVHS is eager to help the community he lives in, because firefighting and being a paramedic is basically two jobs.

Going to a college or university isn’t an easy thing for everyone. Some prepared themselves since freshman year to pursue their education after high school, while others didn’t or still don’t know what they want to do. Every graduate after high school has a different path they will take and hopefully the path they take will benefit them and possibly benefit the world some day.

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