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Freshmen bring back Aloha Friday

Freshman enjoying lunch in their Hawaiian shirts.

Freshman enjoying lunch in their Hawaiian shirts.

By Anna Ralph,
Talon Staff Reporter

Until this year it was a rare occasion to see students at HRVHS frequently wearing Hawaiian shirts. However now it is not so rare. Freshman boys seem to have taken to the trend, influencing the whole school.

Freshman Alex Munoz explains how the fad began, “I started wearing Hawaiian shirts last year because in 7th grade I heard that an old teacher named Mr. Sprague used to do it [Aloha Friday] and then everybody just started wearing Hawaiian shirts to school.”

The tradition of Aloha Friday has carried on from middle school to the high school. “Aloha Friday is a pretty celebrated tradition. Every Friday you wear a Hawaiian shirt for no particular reason, just so you make it a point to enjoy the quality of Hawaiian silk every week,” says freshman Michael Hall. Hawaiian shirts are also easy to purchase. Good Will and thrift stores are frequent suppliers.

Some students even agree that Hawaiian shirts are better than regular shirts. Freshman Hunter Underwood explains, “Hawaiian shirts just look a lot classier than other shirts.” Not only do they enjoy the appearance of Hawaiian shirts, they love how easy it is to style and wear them. Hall says, “You can wear them however you want. You can button it up, you can button it down, you can keep it half buttoned, you know? It doesn’t matter.”

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