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Rich Polkinghorn is here to stay as HRV Principal

By Collete Zack
Talon Staff Reporter
At the March 11th school board meeting Superintendent Dan Goldman announced that interem principal Rich Polkinghorn would be taking over the permanent position as principal at HRV. At the school board meeting Polkinghorn stated, “I want you all to know how humbled and honored I am to have this opportunity, to be a part of this family.”
Polkinghorn has worked at the school since 2004, and loves the school’s amazing teachers, sports, staff, and activities. It is a common sight to see him in the hallways talking to students, cheering on all our sports teams, and participating activities such as dodge ball at the Lock-in.  “I got into teaching because I want to help empower kids to have a great experience in high school.” After working around the school for 10 years, Polkinghorn has seen and dealt with all kinds of problems at the school.
Polkinghorn has a family of his own (besides the one here at HRV) he had to consider before applying for the job, but he said “the timing was right, I was ready.”  In the future we can expect that there will not be a lot of adjustments in our school, besides minor adjustments due to government legislation. “I believe we are well rooted in our core values,” stated Polkinghorn. “They are what make our foundation at this school.”
Polkinghorn was one of many who interviewed for the position when the opportunity arose.  Students Joy Bell, Caitlyn Fick, and Ibette Sanchez were all involved in the selection process. After many interviews Polkinghorn’s experience with the students and the school stood out. “He knows us, he knows our school,” said  Fick.  His interaction with the students, which is the favorite part of his job, was also something that influenced the student interviewers. “He is out-going and approachable” stated Bell. Sanchez also added, “He is very friendly with the students, and makes friendships instead of intimidating them.”  Overall there were other solid contenders for the job, but Polkinghorn’s qualities and experience made him the obvious choice for the job.  As Sanchez put it, “He was already a part of the school; he understands how it works and what works best.”

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