What Makes An Effective Student?

Some students go to school without knowing what it is to be an effective student. I would like for students to take the beliefs of this article from the information that I gathered and use them for their studies. I asked two experts, Connor Normand and Donnie Herneisen, to find out their thoughts.

Motivation is something that few students have. I assume that students who are involved in sports are motivated to keep their grades up so they can remain on their sports teams. According to Normand,“hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Also, “motivation comes and goes every hour depending on how you feel, it’s never permanent”. According to Donnie Hernisen’s beliefs about motivation, “a student should be persistent, thorough, curious, and organized.”

An important feature in order to become an effective student is discipline. Discipline is a practice towards knowledge to mature our understanding as people to become better for life. Few people can handle discipline for the reason that it takes mental, physical, and spiritual effort.  Normand states,“a student is disciplined not motivated. They take time after every lesson to review their notes. If the student instructs themselves discipline – getting their work done because it is who they are and not how they feel – then they will never need motivation.”

An important part of being successful in school is knowing when to turn in assignments! I asked Normand how fast should an assignment be finished. He replied, “Any assignment should be broken down into bite-sized pieces. If it takes you less than 30 minutes – go ahead and finish it! If it takes longer, try to do about 30-45 minutes and see how you feel. Take a break and come back to it later or keep going. The hardest  part is always getting started; homework tends to get easier after the first 10 minutes.”

I want anyone to take the ideas of this article to help themselves become a successful student. If students strive to discipline and are encouraged to motivation they will see fruits.         It will take time in order to become an effective student but most important is to be wise, mature and appeal to school.

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