Armor for the Dame

Armor for the Dame is a community project started by HRVHS senior, Kimberly Cuevas-Marquez. Her aim is to help low income women in our community have free access to menstrual products by donating them to our local FISH Food Bank. She thought of the project when volunteering at the local FISH, when she noticed there were no tampons or pads available. Cuevas-Marquez believes that no woman should decide between buying menstrual products or food, it’s a topic that’s swept under the rug. “It’s an issue that needs to be addressed in our community,” she states. Cuevas-Marquez believes that menstrual products are a necessity not a luxury, something that should be easy access to all women. This project is inspired by her belief that women shouldn’t be ashamed of something they can’t control. If you have donations or unused menstrual products be sure to check out one of the donation locations below.

Boda’s Kitchen- Donation jaon counter.



Waucoma Bookstore- Donation jar at checkout counter.


Hood to Hills- Donation jar on counter.

Hood River Aquatic Center- Donate unused menstrual products in the girl’s locker room.


Hood River Sports Club- Donate unused menstrual products at the entrance.


Hood River Valley High School Library



Follow Armor for the Dame on Instagram @armor.for.the.dame for updates on locations.

By Talon staff reporter, Esme Manzo

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