Justin Smith: Student by Day, Hero by Night

Many people know HRV junior Justin Smith from their classes or seen him around the halls– but how many can actually say they know the real Justin Smith? Justin Smith can be found down at the Hood River County Fire Department in his free time or at his job working as a lifeguard at the Hood River Aquatic Center.

He plays lacrosse and water polo for the high school and really enjoys it. “He’s a great guy and friend to hang with,” says senior Josh Bridenbaker.  Many teachers and students around the school know Justin for his smile that he always has on his face. “The first thing that comes to my head when I think of Justin is that he’s always happy, he always has something to smile for,” says English teacher Scott Walker, “He is always a pleasure to have in class.”

Justin Smith is an amazing friend and can always make the best of any situation. He seems to know exactly what to say to make someone’s day better. Justin Smith’s cousin Makena Zorza says, “He’s a really great friend and guy. When you’re talking to him you can say anything and he really good at not making things awkward.”

Like most juniors in the school they have one big thing to think about and that is college. His goal is to become a full time firefighter. “I want to go to either CGCC (Columbia Gorge Community College) or VCC (Vancouver Community College),” said Justin. He’s been a part time firefighter for a year now and has been working with other students at the school such as Sloan Hall, Evan Brown, and many others. “He’s a really great firefighter, and gives his all when he works,” says Sloan Hall.

Justin Smith is an amazing friend, firefighter, and student. In the next few years we will see him most likely in town if not saving people from danger.

By Emily Phillips, Talon staff reporter

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