Kristina Castillo Loves to Help

In the French classroom, students laugh at another joke sophomore Kristina Castillo has cracked. When the teacher, Madame Goode, goes around singing happy birthday in French, Kristina is always singing along and congratulating whoever’s birthday it is. Although she tends to fly under the radar, if you get to know Kristina, she’s one of the nicest, most caring people at HRVHS. In addition, Castillo is a person who really shows what it’s like to be an excellent student and, in Madame Goode’s words, “a reliable friend who brings positive participation and humor.”

Along with a great sense of humor, Kristina also has school spirit stating, “We do a lot of fun things in school like football games, the lock-in, and the dances,” all of which she loves to attend. Even though she doesn’t do too many extra-curricular activities, Castillo spends time with the people who matter most, “I love spending time with family members and friends.” At home, she helps out around the house by cooking and cleaning. She also spends her weekends with her cousins and little sister playing Uno, watching movies, or watching her favorite celebrity, Dylan O’Brien, on Teen Wolf.

When it comes to Kristina’s friends, she’s there to make them feel happy, or to cry along with them. Sophomore Sarah Santillan said, “If you need someone to talk to, she’ll be there. She’s a good friend like that.” Fellow sophomore Litzy Quintana added, “She tolerates me and doesn’t judge you on what you like to do.”

Kristina enjoys French class, but she also enjoys math and PE. “I’ve always liked math and PE, even though sometimes I might get bored, but we all have those days,” Kristina stated. She likes math because it challenges her and the answers are straight-forward. PE is fun for her because she’s able to move around and exercise.

When Kristina isn’t helping out around the house or hanging out with family members and friends, her favorite place to go is to the mall in Portland. “I could spend the whole day there!” She exclaimed. Even though she doesn’t have a favorite store, Castillo likes going into Hot Topic to look at the crazy things they sell. She also enjoys drinking Boba tea and getting food from Annie’s Pretzels.

In the future, Kristina hopes to graduate high school, then pursue a four year college and end up being a nurse. “I like to help people,” she says with a smile. Overall, Kristina is one of the most kind and energetic students at HRV.

By: Talon Reporter Abby Mitchell

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