Audrey Becker, the Scheduling Master

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Many know her as a graceful dancer, others know her as an excellent STEM student, but most know her as the queen of crazy schedules. Audrey Becker presents a clam exterior, but this HRVHS student balances a schedule that even the most organized students would have trouble keeping up. Her typical week includes 10-15 hours of dance including Ballet, contemporary, modern, jazz, and she dances for the Gorge Dance Academy’s company. On top of that, she keeps up with her 4.0 grade point average. She does this all while keeping up with her hobbies and sailing with the Gorge Sailing Team in the spring.

“It’s a lot of fun,” Becker says when she is asked about her hectic dance schedule. She explains that it’s difficult to manage time, but she enjoys doing it so much that it is worth the time commitment. she says that she cannot pick a favorite class because “they are all so much fun, and they’re all an interesting challenge.”  Even though she spends so much time practicing, she still sees dancing as a challenge, “It can be frustrating,” she explains. Learning a new dance can be a lot of work, but she continues to say that her friends can be a big help when she needs a boost of confidence. “She is great! She gives me advice when I need it, makes me feel appreciated, and supports me,” Elizabeth Bricker says. It’s clear that Audrey helps her friends out just as much as they help her.

In the summer time Audrey is an avid adventurer and a member of the Hood River Venture Crew. She states that she likes the outdoors especially when she is with her friends at the end of a long day of hiking. She has been rock climbing, rafting, mountain climbing, and canoeing with the crew. “I like camping with my hammock the most,” says Audrey. Her great attitude and interesting choice of sleeping arrangement always makes her an enjoyment on a trip. “Audrey always makes the adventures more enjoyable,” says Venture Crew member Joey Slover, “She brings her best attitude all the time and she is a great group member.

In the springtime and in the summer, you can find Audrey at the Hood River Marina sailing with the Gorge Sailing Team. Last year, she was a crew member on the state championship winning team in Cascade Locks. Her team also competed in Bellingham, Washington for the northwest district races. “This race is much more challenging than the state race in Oregon,” Audrey says. She explains that racing in the varsity class with unfamiliar boats was a major challenge to overcome, but in the end she persevered and learned a lot about sailing. “I enjoy regattas the most,” explains Audrey, “They are a good way to test your skill, challenge yourself, and learn new things all at the same time.”

Even though she has a million things going on Audrey always finds a way to balance her schedule and avoid stress. Her favorite activity for relieving stress is baking as she says it helps her calm down. She has many tips for staying stress free, the best one, she says, is to never be hungry, “It just makes you a grouch and difficult to be around,” she explains. She also says staying challenged is the best way to keep from getting bored. Audrey may have a hectic schedule but she will always find time to help a friend or give good advice to anyone who needs it.

By Alec Matthews, Talon staff reporter

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