Emily Curtis Does it All

How does she do it? A varsity athlete in three sports and a 4.0 student. Emily Curtis is the definition of motivation and hard work. With her future in mind she states, “I want to go to a four year university and hopefully play volleyball in college.”

Emily has always been a girl that does it all. This year Emily and her volleyball team were champions of the Columbia River Conference. Basketball, volleyball and softball are sports she played last year as a freshman, but this year she has decided to drop softball and try something new by joining the track team.”I am very excited to try out track this year, I’m planning on doing long jump, triple jump and a distance event,” states Emily.

Emily is a very motivated person; track will be another great way of showing her athletic ability. At just age 15 Emily Curtis has already impressed coaches, teachers and teammates. Sophomore Katie Kennedy talks about what it is like to be Emily’s best friend inside and outside of sports. “It was different for me than other teammates, I would say because she is my best friend outside of sports too, so I know her personal side as well as her competitive side.” She has been playing sports with Katie since fifth grade basketball and they still play together in club and high school volleyball.

To play a sport every season and participate in clubs, you would think that Emily struggles to find time for friends and family. It’s not hard for her to find ways to manage her sports and homework, and spend time with friends and family.

A smiling face walking down the halls and on the courts, she is known as a caring and fun person to be around. For every athlete there are always bumps in the road. She says, “Making it to the state tournament for volleyball was a huge success, especially after losing the previous year during play offs.” She is a strong athlete in both mind and strength, and when her team experiences a loss they pick themselves up and try even harder the next time around.

Emily plays wing on her basketball team and is very excited about this season. “Only winning three games last season was rough, but coming back this year with double that amount is awesome.” Seems like she is playing to her full potential and really working hard this season.

“Emily seems to be a Fun and enthusiastic person who loves her sports,” volleyball teammate Lorena Johnson said, “She was very enthusiastic about the game, she made practice fun and she is very determined to be the best at what she does, which made her a great player.”

Emily Curtis is a super athlete and a 4.0 student, it’s crazy how she does it all. She is very dedicated to her sports, especially volleyball. She is determined to do her best every time she steps on the court, she has her future set up for herself. Emily does an outstanding job of juggling her social life, sports and school. One of  her best friends  Maggie Ishizaka said, “Emily is really caring and outgoing, she makes awkward situations not awkward.” Maggie also said, “Emily is very motivational with how focused she is with school and sports.” Every sports team or club she joins becomes another family. Now you know how a three sport athlete and 4.0 student does it all.

By: Paris Nunn, Talon staff reporter

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