Mr. Glane Keeps His Classroom Fun and Full of Energy

The sound of laughter and excitement floods the hallways as Michael Glane teaches one of his science classes. Most kids wait for the sound of the bell to dismiss them as they sit eagerly at their desks, but Glane’s class is different.

Glane, 41, is an energetic teacher that works at HRVHS. Mr. Glane never fails to create a fun and challenging way to help students learn. When asked what he likes about being a teacher, he stated, “I just love being a part of people getting better at stuff.” He made it very clear that he liked being around people ‘getting better.’

Most of Glane’s students agree that he is easy to relate with.  I asked senior Kimberly Garcia, a former student of Glane’s what she thought of him, “He’s great. He’s an adult you can trust. He will always tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.”

Not only is Glane  ‘the bomb’ as Kevin Haspela describes him, he is also an outdoor enthusiast. He states that if he had to choose a job other than teaching, he would be an “adventure guide.” Glane said that his favorite out-of-school activity is going on adventures with his wife, Lindsey. He has not only climbed Mount Hood but Mount Adams as well. Glane says his dream vacation would be “Out West. Good mountains and skiing, getting tired and eating good food. Traveling many places.”

Glane is an awesome teacher and an amazing mountain climber, but he is also a wrestler. When asked about the most exciting moment in his life, he didn’t hesitate to tell me that it was wrestling in the Big 10.  Mr. Glane said that he likes wrestling because he likes to fight. Wrestling is a good way to let his energy out. Glane doesn’t drink energy drinks but he does drink coffee. He wants two kids, and he has a tattoo on his back that he neglected to show us.

Even though I only had Glane as my teacher for a year, I can see the passion behind his teaching. Glane brings energy and good vibes into his classroom that no other teacher can copy. He is an excellent role model for wrestling and he has an unstoppable passion for the outdoors. Overall, Glane is an amazing addition to HRVHS staff.


By: Madison Thomas, Talon Staff Reporter

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