KINOSHITA: A Role Model To All

Hood River Valley High School is known for its dedication and their focus on students’ achievements. By all means, Hood River Valley is full of diverse students who are gifted. Abby Kinoshita is an exceptional student, she’s constantly improving on the court, and in track. She often contributes to the community, and volunteers for Heart of Hospice. As a high school student it’s important to find what you like and desire to do in the future so being involved in as many extracurricular activities is important. She’s part of the Asian Club, and is a student ambassador. Abby has great leadership skills, and is good at public speaking. Kinoshita makes sure her senior class is on top of things, and she sure knows how to lead the way. Her future plans involve attending college either at Portland State University or University of Utah. She would like to be an Athletic Trainer or a Physical Therapist, with a minor in Marketing. When I asked her what motivates and inspires her to be better, she answered, “The desire to succeed. I want to be someone and I want to make it. I realize how easy it is to just fail and give up, but I want to make it, and I won’t stop till I do.”  

Abby has a part time job at Safeway, she works and keeps up with school at the same time. She really likes to help others, and is an athlete. How can classes keep such a busy person interested?

“Teachers capture my attention by being engaging and hands on. I learn best when I physically have to do things.” The school subject she learns most from is History or English. She finds both of these subjects interesting and she really learns a lot from them. Her English teacher, Chauna Ramsey, does an amazing job at connecting with her students, making literature interesting, and connecting it to lives now and making it matter. She makes Abby think harder and challenge options. Kinoshita is active, confident, and daring. She speaks passionately about her life, and her future plans. As I spoke to close friends of Abby, they believe she is always in an optimistic, and adventurous mood.

“Abby will go the extra mile for what she loves, whether it’s for sports or school, she’ll keep going no matter the circumstances.” Rachel Haack, a close friend of hers commented.

As a teammate of Abby in the Track and Field team, I’ve always thought of her as good competition. She strives and dedicates herself to the sport. She runs the 400, 4×400 relay, long jumps, triple jumps, and occasionally runs the 200 meters. Kinoshita also plays basketball since Freshman year under her now head coach Herneisen. She plays a wing, guard, or small forward depending on what they need on the floor.

Abby Kinoshita is a role model to follow, and to look up to. Not only for high school students, but the younger kids as well. Hood River Valley High School and the community of Hood River is lucky to have her!

By: Clarissa Najera, Talon Staff Reporter

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