Global Citizens Club

Maria Bustos, Abby Mitchell, and Alivea Harsanyi interviewed Mrs. Yasui to get more information about the Global Citizens Club and the future trip that is set for the summer of 2017.

1.) What was successful about the last trip?

“No one got lost! (ha ha) But seriously, it was successful because we had such a great turnout and people were not only excited to travel, but sad to come home.”

2.) Where did you go on the last trip?

“We traveled throughout Italy (Milan, Venice, Florence, Assisi, Rome, Vatican City, Sorrento, Capri Island).”

3.) How busy are you every day on the trip?

“Super busy! We get up by 7am to eat breakfast and don’t stop touring in a day until about 6-7pm when we stop for dinner. It’s that busy every day for 10 solid days!”

4.) How many days or weeks does the trip take?

“I usually pick tours that last about 11-12 days.”

5) How many people can sign up for the trip?

“I max out at about 35 students, which would leave room for chaperones. So far, my largest group has been 22 students.”

6)When is the cut off for signing up?

“I can take travelers up until spring break.”

7) How much fundraising will happen this year?

“Not as much as last year. I have a 2 year enrollment window to help bring down the cost and give more time/opportunity to make money.”

8) How do you decide where the trip takes place?

“I do a tour every 2 years and try to flip back and forth between English-speaking countries and non-English speaking so people who might be nervous can choose their comfort level. I stay away from France and Spanish-speaking countries so as to not step on the toes of our language departments and the trips they take. I also listen to student interest and recommendation. 2017 is set for Scotland, England, and France, but it’s looking like 2019 will take up to Germany, Austria, and Poland.”

9) How much does the trip cost?

“I try to keep it $4000 or less. It sounds like a lot of money, but this includes EVERYTHING for the trip (flight, hotel, transportation, admission, most food, guides, etc.). Also, as I’ve said, we try to do as much fundraising as possible.”

10) What type of people do you recommend for the trip?

“I’m looking for individuals who are interested in international travel and who might not have the opportunity in other areas of life at the moment. I also promote the fact that these are educational tours, so having an interest in other cultures, or the specific cultures of the places we’re traveling to is very helpful to maintain interest. Lastly, I want responsible and respectful people who will not only represent HRV well, but our country as well. We don’t call ourselves “Global Citizens” for nothing.”

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