Welcome to the Leos Club

By Esme Manzo and Briseida Sanchez

The Leos club provides middle and high school students with opportunities to volunteer in their community. Leos stands for Leadership, Experience, Opportunity, and Service. The club revolves around raising money to give back to the community. We asked one of the secretaries of the club, Maria Garcia-Toche, about what she thought the main purpose of the club was, what her favorite events are, and what service means to her.


Leos Initiation Pin

-What do you think the main goal of the club is?

Maria’s  Answer: I think the main goal is getting people involved and helping the community be a better place.

-What sort of events do you participate in?

Maria’s Answer: My favorite events are Hit and Run Santa where you knock on people’s doors and leave a present. But if I had to choose one the community benefits, it would have to be Bottles and Cans.


Members helping recycle bottles and cans.

-What does service mean to you?

Maria’s Answer: Service means helping others and finding ways to help the community and to do it all with a smile.

New members are given a Big Leo who reminds them of club meetings, helps keep track of their volunteer hours, and alerts their Little Leos about activities they signed up for. Little Leos must complete ten hours of community service before they are initiated into the club. When initiated the member can run for office positions vote on club decisions and officers. Once initiated you can run for officer positions like treasurer, president/vice-president, secretary, etc. To  be an officer of any position, you have to be committed to the club,  attend all club meetings, and participate at club events. Then you give a speech to the club, and they vote.

Here’s how to join:

  1. Show up to a meeting at the Hood River Province Memorial Hospital upstairs in the conference room every first and third Sunday of the month at 6pm.
  2. You are then given an application and are assigned to a Big Leo– a Leo who has been initiated into the club– and after that you’re officially part of the club.
  3. Now, sign up for events of your choice.

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