Exchange Student: Anna Kuehnbach

By Talon Reporter: Bianka Maciel

Senior Anna Kuehnbach is a new exchange student from Germany. She wanted to be an exchange student because she wants to “experience the American dream.” When Anna first came here she felt nervous and overwhelmed about coming to Oregon. On her way coming here she stayed in New York City to fill out papers of becoming an American citizen in Oregon.

One of Anna’s greatest fears of coming to Oregon was not having any friends. Also, she said “I was worried that the hallways would be crowded and wouldn’t be able to get through my classes.” Since back in her hometown it’s usually not crowed because it’s a small town. There are also less people and when she came here it’s like a jungle. However the population in Germany is 80.62 million and the population in Oregon is 3.97 million so it’s bigger than Oregon. However like her hometown is larger than us she is already used to Hood River but not the school.

The thing she misses the most about Germany is her family she said. “Without them it’s not the same.” Anna grew up with an amazing family that’s why when she came here it just didn’t feel like home without them she said. However her host family is treating her really well so she feels much better being at home with them.

Anna is excited for her senior year she is here to experience new adventures this year. Anna has a lot of fun things in store for her.


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