Artist Profile: Grace Schlemmer


By Talon Staff: Audrey Marble, Lauren Greenleaf

Grace Schlemmer, a junior at HRV, found her passion in art thanks to classes here. Amira Malak especially influenced her love for using watercolors and ink. Her least favorite medium is charcoal. While she doesn’t have a specific artist who has influenced her, she finds inspiration in detailed artwork. One of Schlemmer’s most memorable projects was a set of paintings in which she communicates her love of dance but also experiments with muscle structure and bones.

An EA project is supposed to relate to life after high school, so it only makes sense that Schlemmer decided to relate hers to art. She is painting a world map in Steve Noteboom’s room with iconic landmarks. To prepare for this she measured and scaled her map to the wall to avoid distortion and researched well-known landmarks. Anybody who has taken an APHG or Global Studies class with Mr. Noteboom has seen the variety of maps he has collected over the years. Schlemmer’s hand painted map will soon have a permanent spot in his classroom. Noteboom is confident Schlemmer will do a good job, “I’ve been very impressed, she’s done some cross country stuff on the wall.” He also enjoys Schlemmer’s attention to detail and says he’s “just kind of letting her run with it.”

Make sure to look out for Schlemmer’s art throughout the year and check out her map at the end of the semester!


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