Five Easy Costumes for Halloween

If you’re lazy, cheap, or both, but you still want to dress up for Halloween, then here are a few great ideas for some costumes.

1.Black Cat


For this costume, you’ll need a black shirt, black pants, and black shoes. You can buy cat ears and a tail at Wal-mart, and then use a black marker to create a nose and whiskers on your face.



This costume is a classic. Wear white pants and a white shirt, then cover yourself in a white sheet. Make sure to cut holes in the sheet for your eyes.

3.404 Error



For this costume, you only need a white shirt and a marker. On the shirt, write “Error 404: costume not found” This will make your friends laugh, and it is easy to make.

4.Ceiling fan


For this costume, get a shirt and a marker, and write “go ceiling!” on the shirt. On the back of the shirt you can write “Ceiling 01″, so it will look like a sports fan shirt.

5.”night in” or Pajamas


This is my personal favorite. All you’ll need for this costume is your favorite pajamas, a blanket, and maybe a stuffed animal to carry around. It’s comfortable and it costs nothing.

Remember to have fun, stay safe, and get a lot of candy this Halloween!

image credit: google images




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