“Breaking the Rules”

By: HRV Talon Staff Reporter Charley Boonstra

Senior Jennifer Furrow could be considered one of the kindest and most fashion-forward students at HRV. Jennifer manages to look great every day, while still managing to do well in school and to find time to do endless hours of community service.

In the senior Writing 122 class, the last essay students write about is a problem in the community and a proposed solution. It was fitting that Jennifer chose to write about the problem of enforcing the dress-code at HRV. As a part of her project, she spent a week purposefully breaking the dress code rules as an experiment to see if she would get dress coded.

Jennifer wrote her essay in 3rd person. Here is an excerpt from her essay:

“On Monday, Furrow kept it simple and wore a halter neck crop top and jeans, exposing about two and a half inches of her belly, a look that got Senior Annika Martinez dress coded on multiple occasions (Martinez). Both girls have a slender build, the only significant difference between their appearances sprout from ethnicity. The next day, Furrow wore a V-neck crop top beneath denim overall shorts. Her bottom was barely covered and from the side, much of her abdomen was visible. On Wednesday, Furrow wore a Double Mountain Brewery t-shirt…When Furrow spoke to Case about it later in the day, he pulled up the dress codes and proved apparel advertising alcohol was still in the written code.  Thursday, she wore jeans and a loose, deep scoop neck crop top. Her bra and belly were visible. Furrow once again showed off her butt, belly  and breasts on Friday. Throughout the week, Furrow was never dress coded, even after he friends bluntly pointed out her violations to teachers and staff alike”.


One of Jennifer’s outfits during her week of breaking the  dress code.


Jennifer was never dress coded once, after explicitly breaking the rules for a full week. Her project has certainly proved that the dress code system at HRV has some flaws that need to be worked out. And if anything, Jennifer has brought to light the hidden inequalities like ethnicity and gender that sill effect society- even in our school.


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