Library Art Month!

By: HRV Talon Staff Reporter Charley Boonstra

April is the national school library month, and HRV has events lined up every Wednesday. The first event kicked off on April 6th with a Zine Fair. A zine fair is traditionally an event where there is a multitude of self-published, original works such as writing or art. At HRV’s fair, there was live guitar music by retired teacher Mark Reynolds. Students exchanged and looked at a variety of works made by their classmates.


Students utilize the library during lunch.


Libraries are often utilized, and not always appreciated. This April is a great month to show gratitude to the people who help make resources accessible to all of us. Mr. Gerlick has been the district librarian for two years now and he is helping to organize the Wednesday events this year.

Here is a schedule of events for every Wednesday this April:

April 13th- Chamber Choir Performance

April 20th- Poetry Slam

April 27th- Student Video Showcase

All events are held in the library during lunch and are open to all students. Come to one or all of the events this month and show your appreciation for all that libraries offer to the community!

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