How to Have a Green Prom

By: HRV Talon Reporter Charley Boonstra

With Prom around the corner, most people are thinking about dates and dresses. Prom is always a night filled with memories, laughter, and the occasional awkward conversation. It is a night made up of experiences to remember.

In the midst of the excitement and preparation, there is little notice as to how the event has an impact on the natural world. Like every other big event, Prom requires an enormous amount of resources to pull it off. High Schools all over the world need energy to light up the dance floor. Students rent gas-guzzling limousines and fly in helicopters. Girls buy expensive dresses that were assembled miles away in Bangladesh.

All of these traditions are rarely given a second thought. The makeup we use and the transportation we choose are a representation of the values we have. Unfortunately, Prom is one of those occasions where the media tells us what we need in order to be accepted. However, it doesn’t have to be this way.

None of this means that Prom should be banned. After all, it is only one night out of the year. But that is not to say that we can’t all do better at lessening the environmental impact that we have during “Prom season”. Try to buy locally-made dresses and tuxedo’s. Carpool with friends to get to the Prom venue and try to resist the urge to rent huge automobiles for only two people.

After all, the only aspect of Prom that counts is the time that we spend with our friends. Focusing on the most important pieces of the night will make it all that much easier to forget about consumer goods and to embrace the evening to its fullest extent.


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