Spring Dances Get Switched Up

by Talon Reporter Olivia Mitchell

Spring is drawing closer, and with warmer weather, random bouts of rain, and stress acne from AP testing comes the increasing amount of school dances. Usually, the Sadie Hawkins dance is scheduled first on the calendar, typically in April, and the upperclassmen’s Prom comes the month after. However, this year is a bit different—Prom is scheduled for April 16, and Sadie’s is May 7.

Senior Parker Irusta isn’t happy with the switch. “I am frustrated that the dances were switched. Sadie’s has always been a fun dance that was a good build-up to Prom, and having it after just won’t give it the same glamour,” he says. Junior Emma Ouzounian feels similarly. “I think that it takes away from the fact that Prom should be the last big, fun event to bring an end to the school year.”

Abby Walker, junior class president, explains that the calendar change is due to scheduling conflicts with the venue, as The Dalles Armory, the only space big enough to hold Prom, is booked at our usual time. Although the dance is earlier than people would have thought, Abby is still expecting Prom to be amazing. “We have a really nice budget. We ordered a lot of good food. And we got a DJ from two years ago that everybody loved.”

Whenever Prom and Sadie’s are scheduled, they are guaranteed to be highlights of the year. Tickets go on sale for Prom soon.


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