Lindsy Weaseman: DJ by Night and PE teacher by Day

By: Jonathan Bolanos, Talon Staff Reporter.

Run the track,” says Lindsy Weaseman. Only PE kids will understand what she means, but she can also mean play the next song. Weaseman has a alter ego when the night falls. At first impression Weaseman doesn’t seem like your average hip hop listener. Kids just see her as a fun and serious teacher.

“She’s unique and cool,” said senior Uvaldo Bolanos. “You don’t see a lot of teachers who have an interest in hip hop music and especially you don’t see a teacher DJ a dance these days. Besides being a cool person she’s a great PE teacher one of my favorites.”

“If you went to the after game dance when Weaseman was DJ than you can tell that she knows her hip hop,” said freshman Emmanuel Castaneda.

“At first when I heard that Weaseman was going to be the DJ for the dance I thought that the dance wasn’t going to be good,” said senior Thomas Navarro. “She really proved me wrong when I walked in and she was playing some Tupac. Overall she had a good variety of songs to dance to, but what won me over was her outfit. She was wearing a long fur coat with a chain and a gold ring.”

“I always knew she was a cool teacher,” said senior Jerry Villegas. “But her DJing and her interest in hip hop just tops the line, and props to her for DJing the dance.”

Weaseman has a history with hip hop since her highschool years. She said that she got into hip hop during high school because her friends liked it and it was the thing. “I like it because it has a beat to dance to,” said Weaseman. She listens to the present day hip hop songs, but prefers older hip hop. When asked what other genres of music she enjoys listening to, she said anything but Techno or Jazz. Weaseman likes old school artist like Dr. Dre, Jay Z, Salt and Pepper, but Eminem is her favorite present day rapper.

“Besides being a hip hop fan she is a great PE teacher,” said senior Edgar Alvarez. “When Mrs. Hohn left I said, ‘man it’s going to be hard to replace her’, but Weaseman has done great so far and I’m sure in the future she will be an awesome PE teacher here at HRV. I like her because she takes everything that you do serious and she is always helping you improve.” Alvarez also mentioned that he enjoys being Weaseman’s teacher aid.

“I had her my freshman year. I hated the running, but she was a lot of fun and I always looked forward to going to her class every A day,” said Joaquin Solis.

“I see her and talk to her as a friend. That’s how we get along,” said senior Margarito Perez. “The things that I like the most about her is that she always tries to get everyone involved. She is such an easy teacher to get along with. She is also very chill with stuff. I have never seen her really mad.”

Many teachers stand in front of the classroom and lecture their students and have no connections with their students, but Weaseman is not your average teacher. She is a hip hop fan who has a good connection with her students.

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  1. Thank you for the kinds words! DJ Mel (Ms. Bentley) should get a shout out for being the DJ mastermind. She rocked it! We both had a lot of fun:-)

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