Nan Noteboom: a great influence on her students

By Juan Camarillo, Talon Staff Reporter

Have you ever felt that college maybe isn’t for you because you think can’t make it or don’t know what you can do? Well, with a good hour and half with English teacher Nan Noteboom, you’ll at least have a general idea.  Born in Oregon but raised in South Dakota, Noteboom is the beaming light of hope you’ve been looking for.

Noteboom is a college instructor for the English class Writing 121/122 along with being the head honcho of the year book.  Anyone who knows Noteboom knows she’s pretty crazy; in fact, she used to be a serious groupie.  Senior Hannah Hart says, “I really love how in touch Noteboom is with both popular culture and her students.”

When asked about her job, Noteboom says “I became a high school teacher because even though teenagers are all crazy, I still love them. They are also funny. Being around teenagers makes me feel young.”

Senior Olivia Mitchell enjoys being in Noteboom’s Writing 121/122 class. “Being a student of  Noteboom, I can really tell exactly how much effort she puts out to show us how to do our work, prepping us for the rigorous challenge that college holds for us.”

Noteboom isn’t just your average college instructor. She actually has some pretty unique skills under her belt. She is a real estate agent, a certified food server, licensed bartender, ordained minister, and can drive hazardous materials across state lines. More importantly, she just cares about all the students she meets. She even “testified about tuition equity for undocumented students in front of the Oregon legislature.” Noteboom says “The place was PACKED with politically active college students. That was an amazing experience, and they passed the bill.” Obviously, if you show her that you want to go to college, she will fight anything in your way.

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