HRV Nordic Takes the Long Road in 20K Skate

High schoolers tested their metal against civilian racers on Saturday at Mt Hood Meadows Nordic 5k, 7k, and 20k skate race. With high schoolers given the option to race in either of the three distances the competition was spread. A mini race was also offered for younger racers, an inspiring bunch of kids with a ton of energy.

The 5k and 7k were a single lap of the course that started on Hanel loop and ended back at the nordic lodge. The 20k was four complete laps of the trail system. With speed and endurance complimenting each other racers were either finding a slow rhythm and grinding out the miles or striking a match and blazing through their energy. Denali Emmons, a senior at HRVHS, said, “Racing a 20k is definitely a different experience from a 7k. At almost 13 miles, you have to know how to pace yourself, or else the body will not be able to complete the race.”

However, the 20k accompanied by the coaching of the HRV Nordic team’s Bonnie Lambert, Joe Dolan, and Teacup racing coach Carl Anderson the team had the training base to take the race head on! With state just around the corner, athletes are anxious to put their speed to the test! A special thanks from the HRV Nordic team goes out to the staff at Meadows Nordic center for their hard work and passion with organizing races.


By Finn Peterson

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