Nate Perron sports a huge personality

By Julio Verduzco, Talon Staff Reporter

When you are walking in the hallways, do you ever see someone full of energy and candy? Nate Perron is a freshman this year at HRVHS. He’s full of pride, spirit, and brings a good vibe wherever he goes. You might notice him by his very large backpack or smile. If you know Perron, his personality is bigger than he is, and he’s okay with that. His experience in high school is special, and it also effects his peers in positive ways.

Perron plays football and is the stats manager for the basketball team. The teams describe him as energetic and crazy. Speaking with him, he shared how it feels to be a freshman this year. “My highlight of freshman year so far was when I made a block for Carson, and he scored a touchdown.” He also shared his experience in a regular day of high school, “People in school are awesome, and no one feels threatened by me. I get a lot of attention being who I am. There are no-cons,” he says referring to his height which is 5’2.

Perron volunteers doing stats. “I like to volunteer, get involved, and be with my friends.” During his free time he “likes to play video games and watch movies.”

Freshman Carson Flores has known Perron for a long time, and they are best friends. When asked to describe Perron, Flores says “He’s full of energy, is always happy, and he only eats candy.” Flores describes all the times they have hung out as very fun and exciting. “We enjoy the simple things like shooting hoops at the park and going out for ice cream.”

The world needs more people like Perron who always make the most out of things and encourage others to do the same. He is a bright light in a sea of people when roaming the hallways, and will brighten up your day. After talking with his teammates, it’s clear that Perron passes his high spirits to them in stressful situations.


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