Madison Thomas looks forward to life after school

By Nat Needham, Talon Staff Reporter

Do you remember your freshman year? The fear of difficult classes, anticipation of meeting new people, and hope for the future run rampant in the minds of the class of 2019. Freshman Madison Thomas is one of those students: young, inexperienced, not yet a jaded junior or senior like so many of us. She’s facing the beast that is high school with bravery and spunk to rival any happy-go-lucky Young Adult novel protagonist.

Madison is halfway through her first year of high school. “I’m adjusting pretty well,” she says. “The halls are pretty crazy [during passing period].” During lunch, Madison can be found wandering the halls with her friends. She can also be found at Gay-Straight Alliance meetings. Her favorite class is science “because it’s a fun class and challenging.” Her favorite teacher is Mr. Glane. “Most teachers seem to just give us papers, grade them, then move on, but I can tell that Mr.Glane loves his job because he dedicates time to make sure that he knows and understands each student. And he is sooo positive. I can tell that he really cares about his students,” she says. Academics are very important to Madison.

The teacher of her favorite class, Mr. Glane, had great things to say about her. “Madison is a blast to have in class. She brings a smile to everything we do, and she talks often which really puts everyone around her at ease,” Mr. Glane wrote in an email. “It has been a pleasure being part of her growth this year.  Compared to many other students, Madison is more likely to intentionally create positive relationships with her teachers.  These connections help her construct a positive learning environment.  Healthy relationships always lead to more happiness.  I think that is why Madison is happy so often.”

Outside of school, Madison enjoys hiking, swimming, and listening to the music of Lana Del Rey and Troye Sivan. She’s a talented individual. “She’s pretty good at playing the piano,” says her older brother Darrian, a senior at HRV.

“I’m looking forward to being able to make more decisions for myself and having more responsibilities,” Madison says about life after high school. She’s interested in psychology as a college major. Madison is all smiles while walking to class. She has a bounce in her step and a straightness in her back that can’t be taught. Walking around the corner and seeing her bright, easygoing smile is a delight. She’s the girl who has positive words for everybody–that same positivity will catapult her forward in life.

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