College Season In Motion

Written by: Rhett Mosqueda, Talon Staff Reporter

2016 has begun, and college season is in full effect. College applications should already have been submitted, or close to being submitted. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) opened for applications on the first of January. The Oregon Opportunity Grant, which grants discounted community college tuition, opened its application on January 1st, like the FAFSA. And lastly, the OSAC Scholarship Application is now open as well.

Many HRVHS students have already been accepted to their top choice colleges, but that doesn’t mean all the stress is over yet. When asked what the most stressful part of the college process has been so far, Senior Rodrigo Fernandez replied, “To be honest, I don’t think the most stressful part has come yet. I’ve heard that local scholarships that become available in the spring cause way more stress than anything, since they all require an essay, maybe even a couple.”

Some students find difficulty in completing these applications. The solution is simple. Lisa Roberts in the SUMMIT Career Center is always happy to help you out when she’s available. If you’re a student finding that the college process is too difficult to handle on your own, you can see Lisa Roberts in the career center and she will set you up with an ASPIRE mentor. A good majority of students who have a mentor are on track, or even ahead of the college process. These mentors are volunteers who are experienced with the college process. Whether they’ve had their own kids go through the process, this is their actual profession, or they’ve been through it themselves. ASPIRE mentors bring extra knowledge and help to the table, for free.

Don’t procrastinate on these applications, because some are based off of the first come first serve method, and you don’t want to miss out on any free money. Due dates for university applications vary, but most are due within the next week. The OSAC Scholarship Application is due March 1st, however the Early Bird deadline is February 16th. According to the OSAC website there is no deadline for the Oregon Promise application however awards will only “be made until funds are depleted.” Lastly, the FAFSA also varies based on when certain colleges want you to get them in, but don’t procrastinate, get in in as soon as possible.

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