Seniors Choose Hall of Fame

The ballots are in, and the almighty seniors have voted for the SENIOR HALL OF FAME OF 2016. Every year faces change for each of the categories, and it’s always a lot of fun to walk by see all of the new faces.

Senior Julio Verduzco, who won most fashionable, was very humble yet ecstatic that he won this award. He feels that this award really suites him as fashion has a big impact on his daily life; in fact in his time off one of his daily hobbies is to design clothing.

Senior Michael Guzman, who won next Einstein, also felt that this award suite him very well “I’ve always have enjoyed math and science. He was also very happy that he was able to win this award alongside his best friend Camaryn Chambers.

Senior Carlos Marquez, who won best dancer, says “I’m the greatest ever…” He also says that he “quit doing air guitar for two years just so the other classes can win.” Also Marquez comments, “I should have won everything else too, I’m just the best in all honesty, no disrespect to everyone else. I’m a champion. I learned how to win before I knew how to see. I should have won all the Grammys too.” This is a joke he’s actually very humble about it too.

Most school spirit Hannah Hart & Parker Kennedy, Most likely to be on American Idol Miguel Vasquez & Oliva Newcomb, Most likely to be a best selling author Darrian Thomas & Maddi Carr, Best hair Lexi jones & Quinn Fetkenhour, Friendliest Cole Shepard & Charley Boonstra, Most likely to be next Einstein Michael Guzman & Camaryn Chambers, Most fashionable Julio Verduzco & Jenissa Ramirez, Best smiles Sophia Marble & Will Lamer, Most likely to appear on Broadway Miguel Vasquez & Oliva Newcomb, Best eyes Savannah Bretlinger & Noah Noteboom, Most likely to become President Nate Miller & Lauren Robinson, Best artists Fenn Paider, Rafe Villegas, Shaelyn Francis & Summer Bogard, Most likely to be a Comedian Cody Kendall & Marilyn Berrera, Most likely to own a Farm Jakelyn Santa Cruz, Best at repping Hispanic pride Jesus Chavarria & Yureil Cuevas, America’s next top model Savanna Boersma & Ivan Montoya, Best dancers Emelia Gendreau & Carlos Marquez, and finally Best muscles Sebastian Barajas & Ellen Hudon.

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