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Talon Staff reporter: Ashlee Zack.

“Everyone is a winner if you’re a good athlete on and off the mat, a great human being on and off the mat.” Coach Trent Kroll is the head coach of the wrestling team. Everyone has a shot to make a team, he says. “Each team needs 56 people to fill the starting line up on each of the 4 teams with the weight categories of 106-285. Hood River Valley High School has won just about 300 matches since they have started. The only way you’re going to get cut is if you’re not great on and off the wrestling mat.”

Kroll also says “you must try it, everyone needs a little wrestling match in their life, everyone will be your friend and know who you are, and the wrestling team is like a huge committed family. You will remember it for the rest of your life. if you don’t know try it out for about 2 weeks, what if your one of HRVHS’s best athletes we don’t want to have our best athletes roaming around the halls.” Senor Kroll is a great teacher and great coach, he’s been coaching here for about 10 years, and 18 years all together. Give it a shot you never know what’s good for you unless you try.

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