Stay Up-to-date with Hood River Eagles

Written By: Sahara Stevens, Talon Staff Reporter

Hood River Valley High School always has games and activities going on. It can be hard to keep up with everything, but thanks to social media keeping up is as easy as clicking and scrolling. Follow sports and clubs on Facebook. Here are the links:

Eagle Army:The HRVHS Eagle Army participates in activities such as sponsoring HRV school sports. At the Eagle Army Page you can find lots of pictures of all school activities and posts about upcoming activities and games. The Eagle Army page posts several times a day to every three days.

Softball:Are you a softball fan? A parent? A player? The HRVHS Softball page has all the information you need including: school activities, meetings, games, and tournaments. They post new information at least once a month. Come and check it out.

Boys Basketball: The Boys Basketball season is approaching fast. This winter, keep up with all of the practices, game scores, and like your favorite team photos. Don’t forget to look at the awesome videos of the boys working hard.

Girls Basketball: Girls Basketball is right around the corner. Don’t miss out on registration, meetings, and practices. The page updates their followers at least once a week. Stay tuned.

Speech and Debate: Speech and Debate Club have been talking their way up to the top. Be sure to follow their journey with group pictures, scores, and updates. They update every few days. Can’t argue with that.

Wrestling:Follow HRVHS Wrestling team as they maneuver their way to the top. Stay tuned for meetings, practices, meets, photos and videos. They post something new everyday.

Stat Crew:Also be sure to check out Stat Crew. They work hard to keep up with all scores and points both on and off the mat.

Football: Although the season is coming to an end, it’s not too late to keep up with the Eagle players. Check in for scores, play-offs, videos and pictures. There’s even a Player of the Week. You or someone you may know could be posted.

Water Polo: Water Polo may be over coming to a close, but it the season is ending strong. Follow HRVHS Water Polo on Facebook to see their schedule, pictures, scores, and any upcoming events. A new post is up every few days throughout the season.

Track: Track will be starting up in the blink of an eye. Spring is rolling around fast. Don’t miss a detail; follow them on Facebook for all of the recruitment information, upcoming meetings, practices and preseason conditioning. Inspirational quotes, videos, and pictures can also be seen for tips and entertainment. HRVHS Track and Field Facebook page posts several times a week.

Climate Action Club:The environment is important, after all it surrounds us in everyday life. The Climate Action Club brings you all things environmental from updates, news, and photos. Support Mother Nature and her Army. Climate Action Club posts something interesting a few times a month.

Athletics: Want a general website to access all sports and activities going on at Hood River Valley High School? Follow Hood River Valley Athletics on Facebook. Also, check out their website and purchase their Eagle wear. Athletics keeps up with all things Eagle and posts nearly everyday.

Girls Soccer:Girl’s soccer may be over for this school year, but you can still checkout the season highlights, scores,pictures and videos. Follow them on Facebook, they post every time the team has a game or event.

AP Studio Art: AP Studio Art is bringing new perspectives to the community.  Check out the photos, meetings and deadlines that are posted throughout the months. While visiting, make sure to check out their many links with information and new artistic studies.

Fishing Club: Like fishing? Check out the Fishing Club on Facebook. The page is very interactive with followers and post lots of pictures of the catch. Although they only post about twice a month, the Fishing Club has quite a hook to reel its followers in.

Ski Team: Mt. Hood just got snow recently, so the Ski Team is preparing for a fresh new season this winter.Check out their photos from previous seasons and keep up with their results of this season. The Ski Team posts updates every couple of days. They also have skiing links and the photos from this year’s Ski Swap event.


Swim Team:Don’t lose your breath on your way to check out HRVHS Swim Team on Facebook. The 2015-2016 swim season is less than two weeks away. Scroll through old photos and stay up to date on upcoming meetings, practices, and tournaments. The team also interacts through the page to get opinions on team events. Dive into the depths of the Swim Team’s determination with posts nearly every day.

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