Students React To The closure of Rasmussen’s Farms


Hood River Valley High School students are unsure of how to react to the long term  of the valley famous Rasmussen’s Farm. Rasmussen’s has been the place to go for fall fruits, vegetables, fall activities,cider,corn mazes, and, of course, PUMPKINS for over fifty years. In other words this will be the first year in our students lives that this fall day festivity will be shut down.

A big question for the loyal supporters of Rasmussen’s farms is, where will we get our pumpkins? Junior Abby Walker explained that although Rasmuessen’s was somewhere she went as a child, and there will be some nostalgic feelings towards, there are many other smaller pumpkin farmers around the valley, or in her words, ” Odell is life, man!”

There is also a large emotional impact. The local elementary school, Westside Elementary, organized a yearly field trip to Rasmuessen’s. Seniors, Jesus Chavarria and Julio Verduzco remember their trip to the farm. Jesus comments on the fact that although Rasmuessen’s wasn’t a big part of his childhood he is sad that other kids wont get this opportunity.

As we plunge into the fall season we quickly begin to notice this disappearance of this iconic community farm, but Senior Payton Rigert commented on the fact that if the farm was own by anyone other than the friendly Lynn and Dollie Rasmuessen it truly would not be the same.

Over all, Rasmuessen’s will be missed but fondly remembered.

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