Meet the Royalty

You know the names, and you’ve seen the embarrassing, sleep deprived videos, but do you know the individuals beyond their 8th grade crushes and their renditions of the Fight Song? Here is your chance to meet the royalty. This year, seniors Savanna Bretlinger, Quinn Fetkenhour, Sam Fults, Ellen Hudon, William Lamer, Sophia Marble, Noah Noteboom, and Anysia Ybarra are representing the student body as the HRVHS 2015 Homecoming Court.
Track star Quinn Fetkenhour was surprised early last week while having dinner with his family. “It was at 7pm at dinner,” Fetkenhour recalled. “Kinda a weird time.” He was nonetheless excited about being on court. His main extracurricular activity is running. “I just run”, and his favorite post run food would be “some lasagna.” After high school, Fetkenhour hopes to “go to college somewhere in California and become an electrical engineer.” You can also anticipate Fetkenhour cruising around in the near future in his dream car: a tesla roadster.
Committed football player Sam Fults was inducted onto court early last week, at around 1:30am, right after a game. Fults was “not really” expecting to be on court. His extracurriculars other than football include Track and National Honor Society. His favorite food would be “any kind of barbeque, especially ribs.” And in the future, plan on seeing Fults as the title holder for  the world’s best apple pie baker. “It would compete with any grandmas’ out there,” Fults proudly stated.
Ellen Hudon was announced on homecoming court while she was at dinner on her birthday. Hudon shared her appreciation for being on court: “I always thought the people on homecoming court were nice people, so I was honored to be one of them.” Hudon will be presented at this tonight’s homecoming game by her mom. In her spare time, Hudon enjoys playing for the varsity lacrosse team and riding with the mountain biking club. She is also a member of the Gay Straight Alliance. Hudon’s favorite food is quesadillas. She shared her favorite hobby as well: “I like doing art!” After high school, Hudon hopes to attend college at “either Montana State or University of Utah.”
Sophia Marble was woken up at around 1:15am early last week.  Marble was “very surprised” to be on court and wittily remarked that “I have dreamed about this since I could dream.” Marble will be presented by her dad at the homecoming game. Her vast assortment of extracurricular activities include “Soccer, Cross Country, Phoenix Theatre, and Track.” Marble’s favorite food is homemade guacamole, but it has to have lots of lime and lots of spices. An experience that sticks out as one of the most interesting was when she gave herself frostbite in the 8th grade. “It was pretty gnarly,” Marble recounted. After high school, Marble would like to “hopefully work away in Europe for a little bit, and then go to college. Nothing is set in stone.”
Noah Noteboom was surprised in the middle of his family dinner with news that he was nominated for the 2015 Hood River Valley High School Homecoming Court. He felt “very surprised.” Noteboom recalled that he was not woken up: “They barged in while I was eating dinner with my family.” He shared his sentiments on his new found title: “I mean. . .it’s really cool to be on the Homecoming Court, but it wasn’t a goal.” In addition to being on Homecoming Court, Noteboom plays basketball, soccer, track, participates in relay for life, and is even in the fight club. Despite being in all of these activities, Noteboom added, “I haven’t broken a bone in my body.” Noteboom plans to go to college and play basketball after his high school career.
Anysia Ybarra is also one of the lucky people to be on the Homecoming Court. As well as the others, Ybarra was pretty surprised that she was elected to be on it. Ybarra stated that she was woken up at a grueling hour: “I got woken up at two.” She also shared that her family has a tradition of being on court: “It wasn’t a goal, but my dad was Homecoming king when he was in High School here at HRV, and my aunt a few years later, so it’s kind of like carrying on a tradition. it’s kind of cool.” Her dad, Danny Ybarra, and her step-dad, Jaime Lopez, will be presenting her at the football game. Ybarra’s favorite food is pizza. Outside of school, she plays basketball and also works at Celilo. “That takes a lot of my time,” she revealed. After high school, Ybarra wants “to be an elementary school teacher, for kindergarten, first, or second graders. I’ve been working with them for the past year and this year. It’s been a good experience,” Ybarra told us. “I hope to go to a University in the state to become an elementary school teacher.”
Savanna Bretlinger was woken up at 1:30 A.M. to be informed that she was on court. Bretlinger stated, “I was so surprised – I thought I was still asleep.” She will be presented at the homecoming game by her dad. Bretlinger fills her free time with oodles of activities, including Soccer, Skiing, Lacrosse, and GSA. Her favorite food is “mangoes for sure.” She also admitted that she is “extremely addicted to salt.” Bretlinger sees a future for herself filled with adventure: “I hope to go to a college where I can ski and rock climb. I plan on exploring a lot.”
William Lamer, more fondly known as Ill Will, was wide awake when he was chosen for court at around 6:30 P.M. Lamer was “gaming hard, playing GTA 5 in a four star police chaser” when he was surprised. It wasn’t necessarily a goal of his to be a part of the royalty, but it didn’t come as too much of a surprise either: “A bunch of my friends were going to vote for me because they said they were.” And they sure did. Lamer will be escorted at tonight’s game by his mom. Lamer executes his free time by “working out in my garage and getting swollen.” He also skis, mountain bikes, and windsurfs. His favorite food would fall into the category of “any type of Mexican food.” After high school, Lamer plans on retiring. Ill Will also drives the “fastest Scwagon Wagon in Hood River” and leaves any courageous thrill seeker with this challenge: “race me.”

Noah Noteboom, Anyisa Ybarra, Quinn Fetkenhour, Savanna Brentlinger, William Lamer, Sophia Marble, Sam Fults, Ellen Hudon.

Noah Noteboom, Anyisa Ybarra, Quinn Fetkenhour, Savanna Brentlinger, William Lamer, Sophia Marble, Sam Fults, Ellen Hudon.

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