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Seniors win Hall Decorating


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By Ashlee Zack, Talon staff reporter

The first major class competition of Homecoming Week is Hall Decorating. This year the seniors took first, the sophomores outpace the Juniors for second, and the freshmen were (you guessed it) last.

The 2016 senior class recreated Narnia, a great movie, to decorate the halls of HRVHS. They opened the closet doors for us to see the inside of this fantasy world. The art and the lights are beautiful. The creation of the hall was so great they received first place in this year’s decoration contest.

Sophomores created a whole new game, bringing Candyland to life. It had the characters, candy, and the bows. Don’t get caught in the mud or you’ll miss your next turn. They made the game look real enough to deserve second place.

Juniors, class of 2017, created the fairytale land of Once Upon A Time, and placed third in the hall decorating. Tinker Bell must have taken a wrong turn and became stuck to the wall of once upon a time. Jake planted a bean in the hall for his bean stalk which led to the giants. Rapunzel needs her wanted Flynn to save her from the 2k17 halls.

The freshmen–they made it easier for us to enter the Wonderland Alice had dreamt of. It was really colorful, and very organized; it made students feel like they were walking through the movie. They took last place.

Don’t worry though, the week has just begun. Tuesday’s dress up day is be your favorite character, splash it up with tie dye, or even chill as a hipster. You have three options, have fun with it.

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