Link Day helps freshmen get oriented

By Ariana Tran, Talon staff reporter

High school can be scary for incoming freshmen, and that’s why we have link day! For some freshmen the day went well, while others see possibilities for improvement.

Jude Bokovoy was one freshman who liked the day: “It was a great experience, seeing all the cool things around the school, and it wasn’t as scary as I thought it would be.” However, Jessica Sosa, also a new member to the HRV freshman class stated that “it was boring.” She suggested that “there should be more activities and games for us to do.”

Bokovoy also had ideas for improvement, stating, “having more time to explore the school and getting used to finding your classes could be something to extend for next year.” Afterwards the girls were asked what was helpful and what wasn’t, Bokovoy had this to say: “I didn’t think anything was lacking, everything was helpful and good to know.” Sosa just said “Everything was ‘okay.’”

Overall, Link day is a fun and useful day especially if you’re a new student and you have no idea of anything, then participating in Link Day could be the start for your first year in High school as one of the Eagles.

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