Meet the new teachers: Daniel Kenealy

By Ashlee Zack, Talon staff reporter
Meet one of the teachers–not just anyone but music teacher Daniel Kenealy, who will fill the enormous shoes of retired music teacher Mark Steighner this year. When Kenealy was in high school the technology wasn’t nearly what it is now. He states that “The presence of technology is much stronger. Cell phones are great, if you want an answer to something, it’s right at your fingertips.” He has an adorable Chihuahua named Ginger. He enjoys walking his dog and watching Netflix. “I love watching Netflix,” says Kenealy. “I really like House of Cards and The Walking Dead.” His favorite character from the Walking Dead is Glenn.

Kenealy didn’t hesitate after high school and went straight to Adams State University in Colorado for four years. After asking him what he teaches he jokes, “Everything! Just kidding! I teach band and choir and I love it!” He chose HRVHS because the school is beautiful and has wonderful students who listen and work hard. Well, the ones in his class at least. “Steighner made a good program here,” He says about the music program and its students at HRV.

Link Day was really good in his eyes, because he got to meet the freshmen without the upper-classmen. However, he doesn’t like the negativity of the booing and thinks they should make it more welcoming for the freshman.

To get the most out of his first year he wants to keep this music program strong and maybe even stronger by taking the band and choir classes to state and having a great performance. It is a great possibility because he has been teaching band and choir for five years now.

Homecoming is coming up October 4-10. Kenealy said, “Homecoming is great for building school spirit even though it’s a lot of work. I think it’s fun to see people having a good time and getting a little crazy.”

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