HRVHS Fashion Show

Fashion Club takes on the challenge of a full on fashion show. Not only were the original designs of HRV students included, but also the outfits made by a group of young designers, ages five to nine years old. The fashion show lasted around forty-five minutes, and was run by the retired model, Cathy Carter. To top off the strong models, creative designs, and adorable little ones, the whole fashion club gave all of their donations to Lila May, a local cancer patient of only three years old.

The designers consisted of Alondra Gaeta, Jennifer Furrow, Payton McCaw, Meiling Bonglamphone, Megan Ball, Faith Ochesky, Janet Alvarado, and Bianka Maciel. The show went by in sections, the young girls first, and then moved on to the high schoolers. Each outfit in each section was individual and unique, but still conformed in an organized was that was very pleasing to the eye. For example, the first section for the club was all white, with both sophisticated and formal dresses. The second one was very colorful, with experimental clothes, such as a tote bag that had been made into a halter top.

The reason for the five through nine year olds participation was for an EA project done by one of the HRV Talon’s own, Jennifer Furrow. She created a fashion camp for young future fashion stars to express their true inner model, and get experiences in not only making clothes, but finding a way to easily express themselves and learning to be confident. To see the energy of these girls was exciting, knowing they had an opportunity to be their adorable selves in front of a large audience.

Aside from the fashion and excitement, the fashion club had developed an amazing support system and was also a fundraiser Lila May, a three-year-old local ballerina, and also a cancer patient. In a small oration that a given for Lila, it was said that she was currently out of town, but has plenty of support and love back home. The annual “Help the Dancer Beat the Cancer” run for Lila May just passed on Saturday the eighteenth, which is also a successful fundraiser.

For next year’s fashion show, it’s a definite would recommend. The fashion club puts lots of work into their clothing, and the girls are not afraid to show off their designs and their confidence. And for girls who have any interest in the fashion industry, look into it!

Casey Holzman, HRV Talon Staff Member

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