HRV Sports

SOAR with the HRV softball team

Spring break was very eventful for your HRV varsity softball girls. The first Saturday of break they took on a daunting team, all the way from Alaska, the Anchorage eagles. In the end Hood River took the win 10-4. With one victory under their belt, the team set off for a four day tournament in Medford. The first game they had a glorious win over Dallas, then a tough loss against Hillsboro. On the second day they started off a little rocky with a defeating loss against North Eugene, then concluding the trip with a whirlwind of a game against Marist.

Overall The girls played with amazing determination and strength, and really portrayed the meaning of SOAR. SOAR represents the meaning of a great team. The acronym is Strength, Ohana, Accountability, and Resilience. Come support your Eagles, and watch them crush Pendleton on April the 21rst.

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