Forecasting Week Begins Today!

forecasting pic

By Talon Staff Reporters Anneke Virk and Hope Kaady

This week is forecasting week! Forecasting week is the week designated to helping students sign up for the classes they wish to take next year. Forecasting forms will be handed out in all 5th period classes on Monday, February 9th, and they will be color coordinated according to grade level. Freshman forms are blue, sophomore forms are yellow, and junior forms are green. All forecasting sheets are due on Friday, February 13th at 4:00.

Eight new classes will offered beginning in the fall of 2015: Intro to Ceramics, Advanced Ceramics, Contemporary Craft Lab, Advanced World Language Sampler, AP Calculus BC, Computer Tech Fab Lab, French 4, and Keys to Math and Finance. Descriptions of each of these new classes can be found in the 2015-2016 Course Description Guide which can be found in the Guidance Office.

If you misplace your forecasting sheet, or find yourself needing additional assistance, click on the forecasting info link on the HRVHS home page! This link gives you access to additional forecasting forms, EA opt out instructions, a sample forecasting sheet, the 2015-2016 course description guide, compass testing information, and this year’s forecasting video. If you have any questions regarding forecasting, don’t hesitate to ask anyone in the guidance office. Happy forecasting week!

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