HRVHS Robotics Teams Engingeer Success

Avery Holyoak

Talon Staff Reporter

Seven of the eight HRVHS robotics teams that competed in the Saturday January 31 tournament in The Dalles are moving on to the next round of qualifiers. In total, 24 teams entered. HRVHS teams dominated the leaderboard, with top rankings and several awards given. Two more HRVHS teams will be competing in Lake Oswego this weekend.

Robots are programmed to run autonomously for 30 seconds, and these programs can sometimes take a couple weeks to write. After this is a two minute period of manual control by a driver. Teams are awarded points based on how well the robots complete their tasks.

The FIRST Tech Challenge, what our teams compete in, is a robotics competition that gives participants the opportunity to learn more about programming, math, and engineering. This video gives a more in depth introduction to what our teams are trying to accomplish: (skip to about halfway through if you have a short attention span.)

Here are the pictures from last weekend’s tournament in The Dalles:

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