STL gains followers by doing nothing

By: Gracie Wilson 

Everyone knows about the one and only STL. STL (Stuart The Legend) is senior Stuart Hill. STL was created by seniors  Rily Wilson and Austin Vanriper. They came up with the idea as a joke, however Wilson made it real also creating the Facebook page about Hill. The Facebook page has 450 Members who visit the page regularly. The Facebook page is a place where for posting random pictures and posts about Hill. This whole idea is something that brings the seniors together.

Wilson says, “Austin Vanriper took a picture of Stuart and tagged everyone he could in it and we thought it was funny so we made the group.” Wilson also says, “Stuart never really played along, which we thought was super funny, everyone helped out to make it as big as it is and made it a thing.”

During this year’s Homecoming week Hill was voted for Homecoming king. It was a huge deal. Fliers were posted all over the school telling you to, “vote for STL.”  Hill said, “Being king was okay. I really didn’t care that much.” Words from a true king.

Everyone follows Hill but don’t really know much about him. Hill sticks to his little group of friends. He is just an average Joe with a passion for video games. Hill says his favorite color is green, he loves dogs, and he hopes to be a firefighter when he grows up. Hill said his biggest accomplishment was “graduating preschool.” Hill has no idea what college he wants to go to or even if he wants to go to college. Hill’s biggest fear is death. Recently he took a Disney princess test, and if he were to be any princess he would be Pocahontas. He loves the actor Seth Rogan and being blonde.

Hill never asked to be a legend but it just sort of happened for him. Hill is a kind guy with a self-proclaimed, “regular” personality. Join the Facebook page if you want to know even more about him.

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