Jordyn Johnson: Strives for Greatness!

By Meredith Rose, Talon Staff Reporter 15-year-old sophomore Jordyn Johnson is the responsible type, the type to never step out of line, but beyond all of that, there is a girl who brings out the best in people no matter what the cost. She sees the good out of everything no matter how bad it may be. Many people admire that about her. Starting the day off with coffee and a smile, Jordyn opens up about her life and what she has to say about everything else. Jordyn was born March 31 1999 in Ontario Oregon. After she was born, Jordyn moved around Oregon with her family, and eventually ended up in the nice part of Cascade Locks. Her family ultimately decided on moving to Cascade Locks to be closer to their family business, Adult Foster Care Homes for the Mentally Disabled. “At first, I was nervous to go to a new school. I didn’t know anyone. I had to be myself in order to get friends. That’s what I did and now I have a lot of great friends.” Jordyn clarifies. Jordyn began her sports journey in Rainier with softball, basketball, and cheerleading. Cheerleading was her number one sport up until she moved to Hood River. She continued softball her freshman year at HRVHS and plans to do other sports in the future. Jordyn has received many trophies and medals and hopes to receive more and continue to make her parents proud. Jordyn works hard on her academics and has excellent grades. She enjoys reading and says that she thinks reading books helps her with all of her classes even if she is reading something she isn’t studying. Her favorite class is Child Care Assistant. She must get the caring gene from her parents due to the fact that they are full time caregivers and her father is a Ordained Minster. She loves her Child Care Teachers just as much as they love her. “Jordyn has a very bright future,” says one of the Child Care teachers, Greta Dayley. “She is one of my favorite students. In 20 years, I can see Jordyn happy and successful. Not many people figure out how to get both. But she can.  Some people chase the money and think that will make them happy, but not Jordyn. She’s going somewhere. I know she is.” People expect great things from her. They want her to be successful. You would think she has a lot of pressure on her but that’s not the case. “Sometimes it can be hard, but that’s not an excuse to not try,” says Jordyn, “I want to do my best in everything possible. It can be overwhelming. I sometimes think about what would happen if I would fail. I then realize that I cannot fail. There is nothing better than making the people who love me feel proud. It makes it a whole lot easier. In the end I know all my hard work will pay off. I can’t describe how thankful I am for my friends and family who have always had my back and always will. I will continue to strive for greatness.”

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