Gio Magaña Strives For Greatness


Jose Marquez

Talon Staff Reporter

“I keep dreaming to become a professional soccer player one day,” Giovanni Magaña replied after being asked what kept him moving forward with his soccer career. Out of many talented soccer players to come out of Hood River Valley High School, Magaña has definitely been in and out of everyone’s mouth. You might know him as “Gio” or “That one really good soccer player.”

Magaña, huge factor to the Hood River Valley High School Soccer Team, has also been a big factor for other teams. Magaña has been recently nominated Oregonian Player of the year after leading his team to the OSAA state championship game and winning 2-0 against Woodburn Bulldogs. Magaña scored the first goal that gave his team the lead, Magaña has also achieved many goals of his own. He has also been Oregon State 5A Player of the Year twice, Conference Player of the Year twice, Oregon Regional Team as thirteen year old, and now plays for the U18 Portland Timbers Academy!
“Working hard, dreaming, and the support of my parents, coaches, and friends has made me the soccer player I am today,” said Magaña. Playing the sport for 10+ years has definitely taught Gio a lot about soccer.
Even though he has achieved a lot, the long road for Magaña is nowhere near over. “I want to be a professional soccer player, that has always been my dream since a kid, maybe play for a D1 college someday, but my dream has always been to play professional soccer,” said Gio when asked what he wanted to do in the future pursuing his soccer career. With everything Magaña has accomplished throughout the years, there’s is absolutely no doubt he cannot achieve everything he has set a goal for.

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