Brandi Fletcher blends pompoms and firearms

By: Hannah Hart

If senior Brandi Fletcher could be described in one word junior Marissa Moore says it would be “amazing.” On a Friday night Fletcher is under the stadium lights cheering on the football team. However, catch her during hunting season and she will be in the woods silently waiting for deer and elk.

Fletcher began hunting in sixth grade after taking a class. Her first kill was a forked horn deer, she was twelve years old. “It was an adrenaline rush,” Fletcher describes the moment she killed her first deer. “It got me hooked on it.” She mainly hunts deer, elk, and bear. Fletcher easily calls it one of her favorite activities. She also is an active member in 4H. She has shown every type of animal in fair, but the animals she takes to fair usually are rabbits, pigs, and goats. Fletcher has been breeding rabbits and raising and showing goats since fourth grade. Her goat’s names are Mama and Mia. In 4H Fletcher has won Grand Champion Market showman for the past few years and 2nd All around Showman. She says it takes lots of hard work and dedication to show animals: “If you’re not dedicated your animal is not going to show well at fair.” She plans to build on her love for animals by going to Colorado Mountain College to learn to be a Vet Tech.

Fletcher has been a cheerleader for four years. She had wanted to do it since she was little and says that it has been really influential in her life: “It’s definitely helped make me into the person I am.” When she first tried out for the team people didn’t think she would be able to make it. Her announcement that she would be cheering caused surprise among her family and friends. That year’s competition was hard, with about forty girls competing. She made the team, surprising many, and has been a member of the fall and winter competitive teams. Although she loves fall cheerleading she admits her favorite is winter because she is a very competitive person. Fletcher’s favorite memory from cheerleading was the state competition her second year because it was the first competition she participated in. Fletcher is a hard worker and a dedicated cheerleader. “We could put her anywhere and she could do it,” says cheer coach Jennifer Schlosser about Fletcher’s role on the team. “[She] Never complains, even if she is hurt, never complains.” Schlosser says she will miss Fletcher, who she describes as a person who does not think about what is good for her, but what is good for the team as a whole.

Recently, Fletcher had the opportunity to travel to London, England to cheer in the New Year’s Day parade with cheerleaders from across the nation.  Fletcher made a new friend from Washington and had the opportunity to meet other cheerleaders from all over the country, “from New York City, to Georgia, to Alabama, everywhere.” She won this opportunity in August after trying out for the All- American Cheer team. After winning she had the chance to sign up for the trip. They sent two DVDs and she was required to learn a routine to the Taylor Swift song “Shake It Off” to prepare for preforming in the parade. After arriving in London Fletcher had a tour day of the city then a rehearsal with the other cheerleaders. The group only had one rehearsal before the parade. When that day came around Fletcher said that they had to wait in the cold for over two hours but it was all worth it: “Once we actually, finally, got going it was a lot of fun.” The parade took a few hours and was two miles long. The cheerleaders stopped nine times to perform. Fletcher loved the experience and hopes to go back to London again.

Overall Fletcher is a unique individual who puts herself into everything she does. Whether it is hunting and caring for her goats, working with her team on the track, or with her friends. She is hard-working and dedicated. “She is super amazing,” adds Moore. “Anybody would be lucky to know her and have her as a friend because she will definitely have your back no matter what.”

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