New AVID class at HRVHS

For students that want to learn about organization, ask better questions and figure out points of confusion, a new program has joined HRVHS. AVID, a program that prepares students for college, currently has 35 HRVHS students. AVID is directed by the Sophomore English teacher, Hailey Harkema. The AVID  program provides intensive support with tutorials and strong student/teacher relationships and develops a sense of hope for personal achievement gained through hard work and determination. AVID is a worldwide program and has been proven to help students graduate high school and pursue a career.

The coordinator for AVID and vice principal at HRVHS, Nate Parson, took a team of teachers to a summer institute to San Diego for initial training.“We want students to go to their core classes and come back into the AVID classroom to put the strategies they have learned to practice like organization, points of confusion, asking questions etc.” says Parson. AVID tries to focus on the students that are in the middle (students with a 2.8 – 3.2 GPA), students who feel they don’t always have a shoulder to lean on. “Some students are being missed and those are the students we want to get for AVID,”said Parson. AVID pushes students to have persistence to join college: “ They go to college but they don’t stay. We want them to have that support so they stay in college.” AVID is also available in college with the same benefits provided.

Melissa Bentley, an AVID counselor and advisor, helps students choose a college, plan activities and helps out with the AVID student recruitment to select and organize the students.“ I think it’s an awesome program. It gets more students to challenge themselves by raising the bar, and it helps them get scholarships for college.” states Bentley. One of the students, America Flores, informs,“ I think AVID is a good class, but it does need some improvements, like getting the students to actually do the Cornell notes and TRF’s [Tutorial Request Forms].” Flores is excited for the field trip to colleges in Portland and the opportunities AVID will give her in the near future.

By: Crystal Flores

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