Logan “Maui” Glass makes semi-finals in the NMSP

By Sofia Deleon and Cameron Malone, Talon Staff Reporters

The NMSQT, or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test, allows students to challenge themselves with a test to see if they qualify for one or more of the 8,000 National Merit Scholarships that are in total, worth about $33 million. The National Merit Scholarship Corporation has announced HRVHS senior Logan “Maui” Glass as  having tested in the ninety-ninth percentile for the test and is one of the semi-finalists in the program. She has the opportunity to continue on in the competition and pass muster for the scholarships.

Because there are about 16,000 qualifying students out of the nation, many would believe that it would be impossible for Glass to make it further into the competition. However, Glass is confident about her work in the competition. “I already turned in my formal application, which covers the details that the NMSQT paperwork didn’t collect,” Glass explains. “I’m one of 16,000 students who qualify, and less than half of us will actually get the scholarship. Then again, I’m really proud of my work on the NMSQT, and I think my application is excellent, so I’m optimistic.”

Glass would like to use the scholarships to attend one of the many schools  that. “I’m applying to about ten schools, which is a bit excessive. Basically, I want to go to a private, four-year liberal arts school; the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma and Bryn Mawr college outside of Philadelphia are my top choices,” Glass lists. “I’d like to be an English major and become a freelance editor after college.” Even if Glass doesn’t win a NMS, becoming one of the semi-finalist is not a feat to be easily ignored, the accomplishment will no doubt aid her further on in life.

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