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HRV Boys Soccer continues winning streak, crushes The Dalles


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By Amarani Santillan and Kenia Ramirez, Talon staff reporters

HRV Boys Soccer went up against The Dalles River Hawks Tuesday, October 14 at Westside Elementary School. After a rainy match, they won their third league game 6-0 continuing their winning streak at 11-0. They are currently ranked first in state and are planning to redeem themselves by taking first place in state this year.

“The best leaders create more leaders – they intentionally prepare their followers and then lift them up” (Proactive Coaching, 2014). Coach Jaime Rivera used this quote to motivate players as they get through their season. Captains Gio Magana, Uriel Torres, and Alex Gutierrez have done their part on the team to make everyone feel like leaders and motivate everyone on the team.

Their upcoming battle against the Pendleton Buckaroos will take place in Pendleton on Thursday, October 16.

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