Throwback Thursday–“Before they were bald” edition

By Maria Chavarria, Talon staff reporter

The Talon is throwing it back! Many of you know of #ThrowbackThursday in the popular social network Instagram in which people share their pictures looking back at an old life event or previous selfie. For this throwback Thursday, social studies teacher Steve Noteboom, social studies Donnie Herneisen, and math teacher Cary Mallon, three bald men, shared pictures of themselves when they had hair.

Although the teachers looked a bit surprised that this segment would be on our paper, they were all up for it. After he was invited to participate Mallon enthusiastically responded, “Oh, I have the perfect picture!”

Keep coming back on Thursdays for’s Throwback Thursday photo.


Cary Mallon

Q: If you could have hair right now, what kind of hairstyle would you have?

A: “I really like not having hair. It’s really easy to maintain. But if I were to have hair it’d be in a crew-cut style. It’d still be short and cool. Cool in temperature, not cool and hip.”

Q: “What are the perks of being bald?”

A: “I get to cut my own hair. I don’t have to go to the barber shop. Also, I don’t have to worry about what my hair looks like in the morning.”

Donnie Herneisen

Q: When did you go bald?

A: “I was a junior in high school. I had lost in the 100 meter dash and was a bit upset about it, so I looked for something to do. I shaved my head. My girlfriend wasn’t too pleased, but I liked it and kept it. I didn’t keep my girlfriend; that didn’t last. It made my life easier and it’s way cheaper. After shaving it my junior year, I tried to grow it out twice. One time during college I dyed my hair blonde. It didn’t work out too well … Yeah, it’s been seventeen years since then.”

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