Staff wins Air Guitar

By Jennifer Furrow, Talon staff reporter

With a thoughtful, creative. funny, and heartwarming  production featuring the spirit of HRV, the staff took home their second consecutive Air Guitar Championship on Thursday.

The crowd favorites were enthusiastic, and confident in the results. “We just had so much fun and it is always fun watching kids … we watched the senior class when they were freshmen, and how they got better every year, and that is always really cool,” said Athletic Director and long-time Air Guitar participant Keith Bassham.  “I know they hate losing to us, but I actually think this year we were pretty good … Mr. Tactay was amazing, as well as all the ladies dancing. It was just really fun to watch,” said Bassham.

Right behind the staff was the class of 2015, who incorporated their Peter Pan and Neverland theme with the expected theme of Homecoming. They exhibited Peter, Wendy, and graceful, dancing fairies, as well as Hook and his gang of Pirates. The crowd rose in laughter, shock, and amusement when our sexual senior boys stripped down for a bit of floor work and dirty dancing. “Yasui told us not to get all sexual and . . . well we ended up doing that,” said senior participant Alex Chadney.

The freshmen literally jumped for joy when their theme combination of “Romeo and Juliet” and school rivalries, slick choreography, great class participation, and jaw-dropping jokes took third place.

Tying for fourth place were the sophomores and juniors, who have been neck and neck all week. While the sophomores had a better story line, an intriguing group of dancers, and their ostriches flailing in the background, they lacked the class participation that the juniors managed to stitch together for their carnival-themed piece, “The juniors need to work harder to beat the freshmen next time ‘cause the freshmen were actually really good, so we deserved the score we got,” junior participant Jenna Chamness said.

The week isn’t over yet! Friday is the Tailgate party after school from 5:00 to 7:00. There will be free food, activities, car decorating competitions, and prizes. Also at this time will be a Marijuana Seminar in the Bowe Theater. Everyone who attends will get a ticket, which can later be used to save you a buck or so on food at the football against the Highlanders immediately after. At half time marks the Homecoming Court Coronation, featuring the musical talents of the HRV band. Saturday is the Homecoming Dance from 8:00 to 11:00 pm. Tickets are $8 for singles and $15 for couples.

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