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Brynn Searcy: Art Lover, and Hair Specialist

By: Lorena Johnson

Brynn Searcy is known around HRVHS for her unique style of clothing and art. She is currently taking two art related courses, which includes AP 2D Design and Advanced Art. Brynn believes that the inspiration for her sense of style originates from places such as Portland, SoHo, and France. “I guess my style is also inspired by the 70’s, 90’s and 30’s… on the account of how my bangs look right now.”

Brynn would like to go on to pursue a career in art, specifically photography and eventually make her way into film production. Brynn, so far, has been looking into art schools in Portland, California, New York, and even France to major in photography and film.

One of her good friends, Ellie Smith, said that they have know each other for about 13 years. Their parents were good friends, and the two themselves met incidentally in a Dairy Queen in 2002 where Brynn recounted the story of how she had cut her own hair behind her couch days prior. This lead Smith to eventually decide it was a cool idea, and she too cut hers behind her grandparent’s couch soon after.

Smith says that Brynn’s best qualities are her laugh and how passionate she is about certain topics. “Her artistic abilities are absolutely incredible,” says Smith. Some words of encouragement to Brynn are to never give up, and continue chasing your dreams. All in all Brynn has a very bright future in the arts.

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